UUSD IV - Week 4

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Welcome to the fourth week of UUSD! Please familiarize yourself with the following:
  • Follow all rules listed here.
  • Schedule via Smogon VMs. It's easier for me to make decisions for activity calls when I can actually see what went down with scheduling.
  • If you are unable to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so they can communicate that to me or the other team's managers for a potential substitute.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag myself, the managers of the opposing team, and all of the players affected by the substitute to ensure that everyone is made aware. Players who have already played in the week or were subbed out in the same week cannot be subbed back in.
  • If a match remains incomplete by the time of the deadline, it will be subject to an activity call.
  • Replays are mandatory. Not only are they useful for confirming wins, they contribute to usage stats and allow the people who couldn't watch the games live to watch them later.

>> Standings <<
(with the help of Ticken)

:dragonite:Tohjo Falls Dragonites (3) vs (9) Wild Wordle Wurmples:wurmple:
SV: starbitstorm vs. Danny
SV: Tree69420 vs. corvere
SV: Parpar vs. DugZa
SV: LpZ vs. Booty
SS: dex vs. kythr
SM: robjr vs. Chaitanya
ORAS: Gondra vs. Amukamara
BW: Fakee vs. EviGaro
DPP: watashi vs. Beraldo
ADV: Xrn vs. gorex
GSC: Mystras vs. alive
RBY: Sabelette vs. MrSoup

:primarina:Paniola Primarinas (4) vs (7) Lake of Outrage Sandacondas :sandaconda:
SV: ninjadog vs. Melt Gibson
SV: Lily vs. Fc
SV: Slip vs. Mossy Sandwich
SV: Corperate n vs. Azick
SS: damien the genius vs. Luthier
SM: Xiri vs. pdt
ORAS: Scalescale vs. dingbat
BW: Finchinator vs. Nalorium
DPP: fatty vs. Thiago Nunes
ADV: NotVeryCake vs. Heysup
GSC: Estarossa vs. vani
RBY: Monai vs. YBW

:scovillain:Ascovillains (4) vs (8) Violet City Vtubers :meloetta:
SV: mncmt vs. justdrew
SV: passion vs. 691
SV: TPP vs. Rasche
SV: Ciro napoli vs. Mimilucha
SS: airfare vs. Liz Angeles
SM: lax vs. EternalSnowman
ORAS: Elfuseon vs. Lyssa
BW: GoldCat vs. Punny
DPP: Le Don vs. Micciu
ADV: Sirwings vs. Chaos23333
GSC: dawnbuster vs. Real FV13
RBY: Unowndragon vs. Torchic

:ceruledge:Ceruledge of Tomorrow (4) vs (8) Dragon's Den Dragonairs:dragonair:
SV: Leru vs. Moutemoute
SV: Ninja vs. vivalospride
SV: dunoks vs. Andyboy
SV: JustFranco vs. Feliburn
SS: Attribute vs. TDK
SM: etern vs. Sage
ORAS: The Strap vs. MrAldo
BW: Alkione vs. rs
DPP: Banbadoro vs. Eternal Spirit
ADV: HANTSUKI vs. BigFatMantis
GSC: Mr.378 vs. col49
RBY: Amaranth vs. royzin

Tohjo Falls Dragonites (0) vs (0) Wild Wordle Wurmples
SV: starbitstorm vs Danny
SV: Tree69420 vs corvere
SV: Parpar vs DugZa
SV: LpZ vs Booty
SS: dex vs kythr
SM: robjr vs Chaitanya
ORAS: Gondra vs Amukamara
BW: Fakee vs EviGaro
DPP: watashi vs Beraldo
ADV: Xrn vs gorex
GSC: Mystras vs alive
RBY: Sabelette vs MrSoup

Paniola Primarinas (0) vs (0) Lake of Outrage Sandacondas
SV: ninjadog vs Melt Gibson
SV: Lily vs Fc
SV: Slip vs Mossy Sandwich
SV: Corperate n vs Azick
SS: damien the genius vs Luthier
SM: Xiri vs pdt
ORAS: Scalescale vs dingbat
BW: Finchinator vs Nalorium
DPP: fatty vs Thiago Nunes
ADV: NotVeryCake vs Heysup
GSC: Estarossa vs vani
RBY: Monai vs YBW

Ascovillains (0) vs (0) Violet City Vtubers
SV: mncmt vs justdrew
SV: passion vs 691
SV: TPP vs Rasche
SV: Ciro napoli vs Mimilucha
SS: airfare vs Liz Angeles
SM: lax vs EternalSnowman
ORAS: Elfuseon vs Lyssa
BW: GoldCat vs Punny
DPP: Le Don vs Micciu
ADV: Sirwings vs Chaos23333
GSC: dawnbuster vs Real FV13
RBY: Unowndragon vs Torchic

Ceruledge of Tomorrow (0) vs (0) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SV: Leru vs Moutemoute
SV: Ninja vs vivalospride
SV: dunoks vs Andyboy
SV: JustFranco vs Feliburn
SS: Attribute vs TDK
SM: etern vs Sage
ORAS: The Strap vs MrAldo
BW: Alkione vs rs
DPP: Banbadoro vs Eternal Spirit
ADV: HANTSUKI vs BigFatMantis
GSC: Mr.378 vs col49
RBY: Amaranth vs royzin

The deadline for this week will be Sunday, November 5th, at 11:59 PM GMT-4.

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Bored so gonna do some quick predicts

Tohjo Falls Dragonites (0) vs (0) Wild Wordle Wurmples
SV: starbitstorm vs. Danny - both are some really cool people. Knowing how both of them play I think Danny will have the edge. Not the type to crack under the pressure of more bulky teams or the hard hitting mon that might annoy his matchup.
SV: TyCarter vs. Floss - i would usually bold my fellow south player, but it seems floss is having a little trouble finding his footing this tour. Gonna go with the better record here.
SV: Parpar vs. DugZa - DugZa can't seem to lose lately
SV: LpZ vs. Booty - LpZ getting moved up to SV isn't what I would have expected despite the early hiccups. Gonna bold Booty here since hes been playing it all tour already
SS: dex vs. kythr - Could go either way but kythr is south so lfg kythr
BW: Fakee vs. EviGaro - both really good players. gonna just go with better score so far but could see it going either way
DPP: watashi vs. Beraldo - hype matchup im ngl. Both players are goated, but I have seen Beraldo playing DPP UU specifically more, so I am going to go with him out of comfort.

Ascovillains (0) vs (0) Violet City Vtubers
SV: mncmt vs. justdrew - drew could make a good upset here, but mncmt has looked unstoppable this entire year.
SV: passion vs. 691 - passion gang
SV: TPP vs. Rasche - Rasche is also one of the homies, but im worried the 2am gaming might get to him vs TPP who just has a ton of experience in tours like these.
SV: Ciro napoli vs. Mimilucha - super close mu i think, but my gut is telling me mimi takes this
SS: airfare vs. Liz Angeles - Liz has been having a rough start so far and I gotta pay respects to airfare after he beat my ass in SS classic.
BW: GoldCat vs. Punny - he will show up with some random idea he thought of 36 hours before the match and somehow win its just what punny does
DPP: Le Don vs. Micciu - another very close / hype mu. Could go either way but I think Le Don is going to pull it out this time around.

Ceruledge of Tomorrow (0) vs (0) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SV: Leru vs. Moutemoute - moute seems to be having a really good tour i expect the trend to continue
SV: Ninja vs. vivalospride - viv came off a big win and Ninja is just now getting subbed in so I think viv should be able to keep momentum in this mu
SV: dunoks vs. Andyboy - dunoks looks in really good shape this tour
SV: JustFranco vs. Feliburn - franco cant seem to be stopped rn. Feli could def be the one to do it tho im very hype for this mu
SS: Attribute vs. TDK - TDK has been having a slow start and attribute has been claiming names so far. Gonna have to give it to him
BW: Alkione vs. rs - rs has had some good wins so far and alk has been playing filler. Ik he has experience in the tier but with rs already grinding out wins the past couple of weeks I feel like its a hard slot to fill.
DPP: Banbadoro vs. Eternal Spirit - banba farmed a good bit during classic and UUFPL, but idk if that is enough coming off of the bench vs spirit who has had some good wins in the pool already. Should be a very interesting mu

Good luck to everyone this week!

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Predicts because hs and vivalospride made me:

Tohjo Falls Dragonites (6) vs (6) Wild Wordle Wurmples
SV: starbitstorm vs. Danny these two are both very prep focused, im bolding danny because i think hes the better player but its close
SV: TyCarter vs. Floss floss is the better player but could get surprised by something offbeat which carter sometimes uses
SV: Parpar vs. DugZa i think dugza is slightly better as a player and also has the better record
SV: LpZ vs. Booty i have no idea who booty is and when i asked people just told me they used to be called sabella which didnt help me at all
SS: dex vs. kythr i watched dex vs tpp, i simply cannot bold dex. also i think kythr is better
SM: robjr vs. Chaitanya rob is really good at this tier and chaits good too but i think robs meta knowledge and more experiencegives him an edge
ORAS: Gondra vs. Amukamara cant bold against liam but this is pretty close. going to be a highlight probably
BW: Fakee vs. EviGaro better record and i think has alos played the tier more
DPP: watashi vs. Beraldo not sure about this mu but fooly cooly is a really great name.
ADV: Xrn vs. gorex xrns super good at the game and hes 3-0!
GSC: Mystras vs. alive i know more about mystras so i will bold them but for all i know they could get completely walloped
RBY: Sabelette vs. MrSoup sabelette is 3-0 in the coinflip tier, she must be doing something right

Ascovillains (2) vs (10) Violet City Vtubers
SV: mncmt vs. justdrew mncmt seems to be doing quite well in uu this gen, so is drew but i still give mncmt the edge because i think hes a better player
SV: passion vs. 691 idk 691 hasnt really impressed me yet this tour and passion has been doing quite well
SV: TPP vs. Rasche i watched dex vs tpp, i simply cannot bold tpp. rasche is also good at the game, if he doesnt bring crack he should do well
SV: Ciro napoli vs. Mimilucha ciro is good but i think mimilucha is slightly better
SS: airfare vs. Liz Angeles cant bold against liz angeles <3
SM: lax vs. EternalSnowman i think esm has more experience playing this tier but im unsure, he also has a better record
ORAS: Elfuseon vs. Lyssa elfu is 0-3 uh oh. also lyss seems to be adapting oras very well despite her not playing it much in the past tmk
BW: GoldCat vs. Punny cant bold against punny in bw uu
DPP: Le Don vs. Micciu these guys are both 2-1 but i think micciu has more experience in the tier in tours and brings unexpected things
ADV: Sirwings vs. Chaos23333 beating hantsuki and sea is pretty impressive for someone new to the tier and i think sirwings has a comparable amount of experience but doesnt have bouff support
GSC: dawnbuster vs. Real FV13 i dont know about this one really, but fv has more recent good tour resulsts so i'll give him the edge
RBY: Unowndragon vs. Torchic torchic has a better record so ill bold him

Ceruledge of Tomorrow (6) vs (6) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SV: Leru vs. Moutemoute moute seems to be doing well for himself this tour
SV: Ninja vs. vivalospride viv is more familiar with the tier and i think is a better player
SV: dunoks vs. Andyboy dunoks is super good at pokemon and his record supports that
SV: JustFranco vs. Feliburn franco is looking super good recently but im not sure if he builds so the lack of much support might hurt him?
SS: Attribute vs. TDK i think tdk builds better teams and i also give him the slight edge as a player but this could go either way
SM: etern vs. Sage sage is 1-2 but i think thats because she had really tough opponents, i think her record should start going up from here
ORAS: The Strap vs. MrAldo the strap beat lyss and liam so he seems to be doing well in this tier
BW: Alkione vs. rs idk shiba is a good player but so is alkione i just dont know much about either of these people in this tier
DPP: Banbadoro vs. Eternal Spirit i think gama's the better player
ADV: HANTSUKI vs. BigFatMantis bfm isnt looking so hot this tour. they both bring alot of unorthodox teams so anything could happen though
GSC: Mr.378 vs. col49 they are both 0-3 but i think 378 is better historically
RBY: Amaranth vs. royzin Amaranth is meant to be good and ive never heard of royzin before this tour


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i've spent the last 2 hours making these as i've been switching between other activities and it's now 6 a.m, i did put in work so please do not skip as a retribution. :pray:

Tohjo Falls Dragonites (4) vs (3) Wild Wordle Wurmples
SV: starbitstorm vs. Danny - idk abt danny, sbs's teams are something else entirely out of the planet but he's been piloting them well so i don't have a reason to doubt him. better score and better player too.
SV: TyCarter vs. Floss - if this was sensei axew who was facing him he'd win some other sort of prize, but since we're talking about Dr. Floss here, coming from a 2-2 record against outstanding members of the community, while Carter has not been playing to his full potential / seems to be struggling a bit, the result cannot be anything else, I fear.
SV: Parpar vs. DugZa - par double has given me nightmares about meow and is more on par(par) of the game while dugza gives me host that doesn't play the game vibes kinda like quite quiet, so i will give it to the most proven player.
SV: LpZ vs. Booty - i'd say this game is kinda leveled since booty's playing skills can make up for the 4'7 disadvantage in the matchup. he had a great comeback from being slapped by lily and played a great game. lpz got clapped in dpp and just now moved to sv which is not an easy transition for him especially against someone of booty's caliber.
SS: dex (vs. gg) vs. kythr - not bolding this disrespectful uneducated rapscallion.
SM: robjr vs. Chaitanya - chaitanya has been the orange juice after listerine of SM this tour. watching rob play is like in-shower clarity where you just had a beef in the previous hour and then you think of the best arguments you could've used. he evokes the best in the spectators, he's the people's champ. no reason for me to doubt him at this point whatsoever.
RBY: Sabelette vs. MrSoup - the goat

Paniola Primarinas (4) vs (8) Lake of Outrage Sandacondas
SV: ninjadog vs. gum - got the sauce for gum and my conscience is clear bolding him cuz i know ain't nobody beating him paired with my unparalleled support (guess we'll bee switching roles from ndpl now)
SV: Lily vs. Fc - i don't really like lily's teams for the most part, except the one she brought in scl, she's def a better uu player though a bit, though in overall skills they're not distant. which makes me confident fc is winning this with a good mu to pilot with.
SV: Slip vs. Mossy Sandwich - i just know both of them are in my bd daily chains and idk any of them in game so i'm gonna bold my teammate, obviously.
SV: Corperate n vs. Azick - HUAHAAUAHAUAHAUAHAUAAHAHAHAHAHAUAHAHAHAHSSHSHXHSHAHAHSBSNXVCNXBDKDFNDHSHAHSHAHAHAHAYAHAAYAHAUAHAUAHAUAHAH TO BOLD CORPERATE N WOULD BE AN EUPHEMISM and not capable to represent fully what a loss this game's gonna be for everyone who dares to step into it, and not because of corperate. azick will be met with the most impetuous defeat while wielding the worst crafted team from no one other than moi. not a shadow of a doubt in this one.
SS: damien the genius vs. Luthier - idk luthier's an idiot who's winning 3 in a row somehow defeating tdk, some weird ass dude who swears that if he says gg the world will get blasted with meteors worse than the dinosaurs have witnessed while having the greatest mu oat and binning and then airfart whose game was self explainable. he just refuses to lose.
SM: Xiri vs. pdt - pdt in sm is like when there are two people kissing in public: it's either something pleasant to see or fucking disgusting go do this shit elsewhere. it's not been the latter for the most part so good on him for the fact it's working.
ORAS: Scalescale vs. dingbat - dingbat is on a tear (3-0) and scale double is 1-2. while he's chinese and dangerous as he's mysterious, dingbat's solidness both in-game and building makes up for it.
BW: Finchinator vs. Nalorium - has looked fresher in his games, though finch did beat him in classic so there's the mountain for nalorium to overcome. i still think he's advantaged due to finch's duties + focus shiftings + overall lack of breaks, which definitely affects one's desire and motivation for it.
DPP: fatty vs. Thiago Nunes - trust me
ADV: SEA vs. Heysup - no lie i feel like heysup's getting lucked this week, otherwise i'd bold him.
GSC: Estarossa vs. vani - less annyoing + not brit
RBY: Monai vs. YBW - i like the name, reminds me of the stone from top 7 celebrities famous of the world or whatever from this random island in chile.

Ascovillains (3) vs (3) Violet City Vtubers
SV: mncmt vs. justdrew - justdrew is fr the type of player to throw mncmt off, a win would NOT be surprising. but mncmt's preparation (askov+hari) is just unmatched here. he's also a much better player, whereas drew's buildings are usually flimsy and too exploitable.
SV: passion vs. 691 - i'm lazy and idk 691 what is wannabe COPS number doing in here. gonna need them fr after passion beats them down HORRIBLY like he's the goat for a bit .
SV: TPP vs. Rasche - tpp's last week game made me want to bury my head in a pitch like an ostrich and disappear. enough for me to bold rasche.
SV: Ciro napoli vs. Mimilucha - ciro is god and has been putting in a good performance so far, he has potential to do v well. mimilucha i think is good but not sufficiently buying the narrative here since ciro has superior support (from what i seen @ both's games and teams etc) + skills.
SS: airfare vs. Liz Angeles - liz angeles will bounce back from her game, she didn't really get a chance to play. airfare is not too good at pokemon or games that involve using logical reasoning.
SM: lax vs. EternalSnowman - i came back to seeing esm become the goat in both singles and doubles, idk what happened but i've completely swallowed his narrative.

Ceruledge of Tomorrow (1) vs (5) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SV: Leru vs. Moutemoute - moute is 3-0 and leru has like, lost horribly to booty last week so i'm just inclined to believe moute is winning since he's historically more related to uu and knows the intricacies of the tier + has been playing well for the majority of his games. + points for putting me back to retirement as well.
SV: Ninja vs. vivalospride - no ninja or samurai has yet received sufficient training to be prepared against vivalospride's excelling gameplay, his mind is incorruptible in-building and he can come up with the most impactful meta trends one can't even predict, like sub np tornadus. now in all seriousness, even though viv doesn't have the time to put in all of himself, he's able to click better than a chimpanzee (most of the time) using solid enough teams which should not be hard to do here against a non-mainer who just got into his first uu game. viv a mainstay and an insurmountable obstacle for any beginner.
SV: dunoks vs. Andyboy - viv said andyboy a W, so i trust him.
SV: JustFranco vs. Feliburn - jf has been looking good, aside from the exceptionally fat teams that feli could definitely exploit, but playing wise he's been absolutely tearing competition apart with a clean 3-0. feli's 2-1 but his games have been shakier and less consistent in building.
SS: Attribute vs. TDK - tdk's like 1-2 and maybe a bit crust but i trust them to make a comeback as they're a capable player whose struggles are tied to weird team choices in general. attribute hasn't been the best and while they are also 1-2 (achieving a win last week), i do not think the games were the best and that can definitely be attributed (badumtss) to opp's lack of preparation against attribute rather than their meritt.
SM: etern vs. Sage - sage is mother and etern has lost last week in a rather unconvincing way, so i'm bolding sage as she's outstanding in the tier and played it more to a level she knows the ins and outs against etern's fooleries.
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:sv/Leavanny: WEEK 4 INDIVIDUAL MANTIS RANKINGS :sv/Fomantis:
(sponsored by Kay Jewelers. Every kiss begins with Kay!)

Every week I will be ranking the starters of each tier individually, with SV UU being ranked 1-10 and all other tiers being ranked 1-5. If you do not make the Top 10 or Top 5 that means you are unranked but if you win some games you can easily move up and make it to the big time on top of the Mantis Billboard Top UUSD 50 end of season. The Dragonairs are all #1 in their respective tiers so I will not waste everyone's time ranking them obviously.

The algorithm used in these rankings was taken from the secrets buried in the ancient ruins of Constantinople but dug up by Pokemon scholars from Johto and Namibia in a fundraised effort to retrieve and restore order and decency to a world where rankings had taken a turn for the worst after the election of Naysayer F. Boogieton atop the throne of Goldenrod City in the Australian continent of Ransei inc. after the Spanish Armenian War of 1812. But alas we have the Week 4 rankings, so without further Purdue here they are:

:Ogerpon: SV UU RANKINGS :Iron Hands:
  1. JustFranco
  2. DugZa
  3. mncmt
  4. Lily
  5. justdrew
  6. Danny
  7. Fc
  8. dunoks
  9. Ciro napoli
  10. Corperate n

:Zarude: SS UU RANKINGS :Hatterene:
  1. Attribute
  2. Luthier
  3. kythr
  4. airfare
  5. Liz Angeles

:Primarina: SM UU RANKINGS :Latias:
  1. pdt
  2. robjr
  3. etern
  4. Xiri
  5. EternalSnowman

:Sylveon: ORAS UU RANKINGS :Virizion:
  1. dingbat
  2. The Strap
  3. Lyssa
  4. Amukamara
  5. Gondra

:Victini: BW UU RANKINGS :Druddigon:
  1. Nalorium
  2. Punny
  3. Alkione
  4. Evigaro
  5. GoldCat

:Leafeon: DPP UU RANKINGS :Uxie:
  1. Micciu
  2. fatty
  3. Thiago Nunes
  4. watashi
  5. Le Don

:Kangaskhan: ADV UU RANKINGS :Lapras:
  1. Xrn
  2. Heysup
  3. gorex
  4. Chaos23333

:Muk: GSC UU RANKINGS :Aerodactyl:
  1. Estarossa
  2. Real FV13
  3. alive
  4. Mystras
  5. vani

:Tentacruel: RBY UU RANKINGS :Articuno:
  1. Sabelette
  2. Amaranth
  3. MrSoup
  4. YBW
  5. Torchic

Disagree with these rankings? Then let's see your own! Call 1-800-Rank-All-Of-The-UUSD-Slots-2023-2day-inc. and submit!
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